About Us

Our Story


Argus Panoptes (the “all-seeing”) is the name of the 100-eyed giant in Greek mythology. As only a few of his eyes would sleep at a time, Argus was always awake and watching.

ARGUS is your beauty watchman. We are your eyes in the cosmetics world, and we guide you through your beauty selection process.


Our Mission


ARGUS is your beauty compass. With our commitment to our customers and our passion for cosmetics, we strive to give you the best shopping experience. As cosmetics consumers, we understand your needs and wants. We do extensive research on all of our products, and we have used most of them ourselves. We want not only to satisfy your needs, but also indulge your desires. 


Our Vision


ARGUS brings trending, effective, and hard-to-find products to the Hong Kong cosmetics market. We want to build a place where people could not only find familiar products, but also discover new brands. 


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