• Cleansing
    Men’s skin care has come a long way. When your father would wash his face with a withered bar of soap. Today, there are an overwhelming amount of products specially formulated to meet the needs of the stubborn male epidermis. But navigating your way through the glut of grooming goods out there doesn’t have to be intimidating, and it shouldn’t be fussy either! Because we are here for your needs. And guess what, achieving better skin takes just 5 tips!
  • Exfoliating
    Sometimes cleaning the skin with a simple face wash just isn’t enough. A cleanser washes away oil and dirt on the surface, but what about all that nasty stuff deep down in your pores? That’s where exfoliation should make an appearance in your skin routine (just two to three times a week). A good scrub should have granules to help smooth the skin and eliminate the dullness that results from normal pore clogging and dirt build-up. Exfoliation also softens hair follicles for a closer, less-irritating shave and allows the skin to better absorb moisturizers!
  • Shaving Products

    Of course you are welcome to go for a full beard, but there comes a time when you do need to groom your face! Browse our collection to find the perfect shading cream/gel for your skin!

  • Moisturizing
    Skin care for most men starts and stops with a basic bar of soap or cleanser. But washing is the absolute least you can do to prevent your face from turning into a big blackhead. A light moisturizer can fix everything. It replenishes the skin’s moisture content and prevents razor burn. A moisturizer with SPF will also provide a critical shield against the sun. Harsh UVB rays cause the skin to burn, but it’s the UVA rays that lead to long-term damage like deep lines and skin cancer. A moisturizer with multispectrum defense takes care of it all.
  • Eye & Lip Care
    There is one place on the face that men almost never touch: the eyes. But the skin around the eyes is the only area that actually deserves special attention, because men don’t age the same way that women do. Applying eye cream once in a blue moon does nothing, and against all common sense, it shouldn’t be put on the soft skin underneath the eye. Instead, eye cream needs to be dabbed gently on the edge of the bone around the eye to maximize effectiveness and prevent irritation. It will slowly absorb and spread to the fragile areas that need it most.A close second in fickleness to the skin around the eyes are the lips. The skin here is incredibly thin and prone to severe dryness, cracking, bleeding, and burning from exposure to the elements. A little dryness and flaking every now and then sounds like no big deal, but over time the combination of sun exposure, stress and a small cut can lead to nasty cold sores. Regular application of lip balm with a hint of SPF once a day can help you avoid a life of being benched.
  • Sun Screen

    Not only do sunscreens help you from getting tan, it protects you from harsh UV lights which could cause skin cancer! Browse our favorite sunscreen collection to find your favorite!